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 Projemiz ortak ülkelerden  Türkiye , Portekiz, İtalya, Polonya ve Macaristandan katılan okularla 2 yıl süreyle uygalanacaktır. Karşılıklı seyehatlerle farkli kültürel birleşmeler sağlanacak; ülkemizi ve geleneklerimizi tanıtma imkanı bulacağız.





“TRADITIONS UNITE US “ is a Comenius multiliteral school partnership project is relevant for all members of the education community.

The main objective of the project is to develop a cultural awareness among the pupils of the participating schools. Schools from Turkey, Poland, Italy, Hungary and Portugal are involved in the project, so during the project meetings, which will be held in each of the partner schools, participants will come together. Each project meeting will have a specific topic related to traditions(food, clothing, traditional crafts,music/dancing,customs). The project will also to open the participants’mind into forgotten traditions in their own country and in other European countries appreciating the contribution of older people. During the two years of project, participants will learn to pay respects to older generations and their desire will be to better know them in order to discover national traditions.



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